Sunday, June 10, 2012

Discovery Scope {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Nature and revelation alike testify of God’s love…“God is love” is written upon every opening bud, upon every spire of springing grass. The lovely birds making the air vocal with their happy songs, the delicately tinted flowers in their perfection perfuming the air, the lofty trees of the forest with their rich foliage of living green—all testify to the tender, fatherly care of our God and to His desire to make His children happy.~Steps to Christ (chapter 1), by E.G. White.
If you had a portable tool, with which to view some of these tiny wonders of God's creation, don't you think that would be awesome? We have been using such a tool the past few weeks. Let me tell you about it!

The Discover Scope is a handheld, wide-field microscope with special features for viewing a hidden world of living things. It has a 25X magnification, and uses natural lighting.

From the website: After many years of teaching, the late Jim Harvey, Sr. and his teaching partner Bruce Russell knew there had to be a better alternative to the classic microscope. They wanted to be able to look at things that you don't have to put on a slide, but instead could view in its somewhat real environment. One of the greatest attributes of the scope is being able to reintroduce the organism back to nature. You don't have to be a biologist or geologist to begin to have fun with the scope.

When the Scope first arrived, and I showed it to the boys, they disappeared with it out the door. Frankly, it was several days before I saw it again! We have all kinds of things around our yard (3+ acres worth): flowers, grasses, insects, birds (feathers), dirt, lichen....

I made several attempts at photographing, and wasn't as successful as some of my Crew mates. One thing I have my eye on, is the camera adapter, which will have to wait until after I actually get my DSLR! ;-) The above photos were taken with my Kodak Easy Share.

We have all enjoyed viewing various things. Even the 20 year old has been quite impressed! What a great tool to take along on hikes, backpack trips, fishing trips to the lake. It's handy; it's portable; it's durable! It's small enough to fit in your pocket!

The cost of the Basic Kit is $40.00, and includes one scope, one mini-clamp, one multi-use chamber holder, two 1" x 3/4" clear view chambers, and one water dropper.  The Naturalist Kit is packaged in a custom bag, and includes one scope, one mini-clamp, one multi-use chamber holder, two 1" x 3/4" clear view chambers, and one water dropper, and costs $55.00.

Believe me, the Discovery Scope is worth every penny!

Contact Information:

Discovery Scope®
5217 Gold Sprint CT.
Oroville, CA 95966

Phone: 800-398-5404


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  1. It's probably our favorite crew review so far...

  2. I love the pictures you were able to get. I tried and tried and couldn't get an nice ones. Id love to share the amazing things we have looked at :)


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