Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blogging Through the Alphabet: M, N, & O

Wow, do I have some catching up to do! Life just took a crazy, busy turn, what with winding down the school year....and beginning our summer session. Also, sometimes it's hard for me to come up with something related to that letter to share about.... :p

So, here goes!

M is for:
 Mother's Day

This year, for Mother's Day, my girl gave me the lovely card at the top of the photos. She also persuaded her brothers to all pitch in with her, and ordered the lovely bouquet of tulips! The other card the kids gave me is a giant card (16 inches by 24 inches!)....and I love it!

N is for:
I bet you thought I'd write about nature, since that is a topic about which I frequently write! ;-) Well, instead I want to share about Netflix, and how we like to use it for school.

For several years now we have used Netflix. It is wonderful to have the ability to choose videos that we could use for our school/educational learning. The library system we have available now, doesn't carry much, so it is great to have the wider variety via Netflix. 

First we were just receiving DVDs in the mail. Then Netflix made streaming via computer, etc., available. Then several months ago, they changed their payment plans, so we dropped the streaming option, and went back to just DVDs.

A couple months or so ago, hubby purchased a Blu-Ray player, with Neflix capability. And last month, for a graduation gift, Teen Girl received a Kindle Fire. She made an agreement to help pay for the additional cost of the Netflix streaming option, so she could watch videos on her Fire.

Now with the streaming option, and the Blu-Ray, we now are able to watch Netflix on our living room television! Now we can watch videos about Ancient Greece, to help make the ebooks we read from Heritage History come alive!

There are National Geographic videos to choose from; History channel programs available; classic TV shows, like Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Lassie; nature shows...Just a wealth of programs to choose from, both for education and entertainment.

Since we don't have satellite or cable TV, and only ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS available, it is nice to have the option of the Netflix videos to watch. And whatever we can't get streaming, we still receive on DVD through the mail.

Hubby also got a Wii for our bedroom, but we don't have that set up with Netflix yet....Maybe some weekend, when he's not so busy, he can help me get it set up! ;-)

O is for:
Olives! ;-)

If Little Bit had his way, he'd live on olives, cheese, sour cream, and broccoli! LOL So, if we were to give him a cheese roll up or quesadilla, and a serving of steamed or fresh broccoli, he'd be one happy boy!


As I said in my last Schoolhouse Crew Review, we like the ocean! It is one of the things we miss most since moving from Florida a few years ago. It's a joy when we are able to go back for a visit or family vacation.

I've tried to get myself a little more Organized; perhaps now I'll be able to better stay caught up with our Blogging Through the Alphabet! Be sure to join others who are also Blogging Through the Alphabet: M. N. O.
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