Monday, May 7, 2012

What I Hope They Remember.....

I missed out on the Blog Cruise last week, even though I fully intended to post something. I just got so caught up in graduation preparations, then the graduation itself, and family being here...I simply ran out of time! But it is a topic about which I want to post, anyway.

What’s the one thing you hope your children remember from their childhood?

I'm not really sure I can choose just one thing...

I want them to remember that each was a prayed-for child. I was happy to learn about the impending arrival of each one (and, frankly, except for the terrible morning/all day sickness I had, I loved being pregnant! ;-) ), and prayed for each of them, dedicating them to God before they were even born. I also want them to remember that my absolute favorite part of their infancy was our nursing relationship!

I want them to remember some of the lessons I tried to teach them:

  1. That God loves them, even more than I do
  2. That Jesus came to this earth, and died for their sins, because He loves us that much
  3. That God created everything, all the animals, all the plants/vegetation, the majestic mountains, the beautiful sunsets over the beach, etc., because He loves us
  4. That God wants us to care for the Earth and His creatures
  5. That God wants us to love our neighbors as we love our selves
I want them to remember that, if they know where to find the answers to the questions they may have (Encyclopedia, Google, books of various sorts, asking a knowledgeable person, etc.), they will always be successful, and lifelong learners. I want them to be lifelong learners!

One of my great hopes is that I have passed/am passing on the legacy from my parents: that of a rich, deep love of nature, and nature's Creator!

But most importantly of all, I hope my children remember that I have always, always been there for them, and will always be in the future!  No matter what trials, tribulations, hardships we have been through, I will never leave or forsake them....Just like our Heavenly Father.

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