Thursday, May 31, 2012

TOS Review: Dive Into Your Imagination

Around here, we love the ocean. In fact, my daughter has seriously considered becoming a marine biologist! So we were pretty excited with the prospect of reviewing one of these DVDs, along with PDF version of the Educator Guide.

Dive Into Your Imagination was founded by Annie Crawley, AKA Ocean Annie. She has traveled from Indonesia to Galapagos, Belize to Papua New Guinea, exploring and documenting life on our planet. Currently she is based in Santa Barbara, California, working as a producer, photographer and motivational speaker. Annie Crawley specializes in the Underwater Realm as an underwater photographer, filmmaker, field biologist and expert.(Read more about Ocean Annie here.)

The cinematography of these videos is spectacular, vibrant, brilliant. The video we received is Who Lives in the Sea? I like that it has 3 tracks: one in English, one in Spanish, and one that just plays the music. What a lovely video to put in on Friday evening at the start of the Sabbath!

The Who Lives In the Sea? DVD teaches children and their parents about all kinds of animals living in the ocean: Why do dolphins move so fast? What kind of noise does a sea lion make? Meet whale sharks, octopus and blue-footed booby birds! After your kids watch this DVD, they will want to swim like a dolphin and laugh at the nudi, nudi, nudibranchs! 
Topics covered on the DVD, with lessons for each in the 300+ page educator guide, are:
  1. Swim with the Dolphins
  2. Playtime with Sea Lions
  3. Nudi, Nudi, Nudibranchs
  4. Dinosaurs of the Sea: Marine Reptiles
  5. Eigth Armed Animals
  6. Living Forever Under the Sea
  7. Marine Birds and Their Family
  8. The Largest Fish in the Sea: Whale Sharks

There are also special bonus materials including: “The Ocean ABC’s” and “How to Get Your Kids to LOVE the water!”

Also available are What Makes a Fish, a Fish?, and Dive Into Diversity. All three of these DVDs are especially appealing for ages 3-8 (or grades PreK-Third grade), and the educator guides contain activities designed for these levels.

These are a wonderful addition to any study of the ocean, and ocean life! Did I say how impressed I am with the vibrant photography of these DVDs?!

Each DVD costs $19.95. The guides are available as a printed version for $299 (for the whole set for each DVD) or as individual PDFs for $69.95. As a special for the Homeschool Crew and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and followers, Annie Crawley of Dive Into Your Imagination will gift you a set of PDFs with purchase of the DVDs. When you place your DVD order, just let her know in the notes that you are a Homeschool Parent! Also, for the entire month of June, there will be free shipping with any order placed at in honor of our followers.

Contact Information:

Dive Into Your Imagination
Annie Crawley


Dive Into Your Imagination
200 W. Mason St. #19
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101

Phone: 805-453-1947


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  1. Ohhhhh its the best DVD ever.....thanx heaps...I must try and get hold of this!!!!


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