Sunday, November 27, 2011

TOS Review: The Reading Game

ANYONE CAN LEARN TO READ. This is the motto over at The Reading Game.

I'll have to admit, reading just hasn't "clicked" for my youngest yet. With his developmental delays, and his challenges with processing information, etc., he is still struggling with reading.

The Reading Game is proving to be a fun way for him to learn word recognition, though!

How does it work?

The game contains 6 books. The story in each book is told using only thirty new words. The words are broken down into 6 sets of 5 words, and made in to a memory match card game.

The student and tutor (parent, older sibling, who ever) place one of the decks, face down. Then proceed by turning the cards over, to make matches. Be sure to read each word aloud; that way the student learns the words by sight and by hearing.

After all the words of deck 1 have been learned well, move on to deck 2. When those have been learned well, have the student read the test sentences in the instruction booklet. Proceed with the rest of the decks of cards for that book.

The words for Skunk, Game 1, are: can, cat is, me, not.  Playing Game 2 adds: sad, she, stay, this, with.  The test sentences are:  “This cat is not a sad cat.  Can she stay with me?”

When all decks of cards and test sentences have been mastered, then have the student read that book.

Little Bit has been having so much fun playing the memory match! He does well at reading the words during the game. But then when it comes to reading the sentences?....Not so much, yet. He is eager to be able to read the books, though, because he likes looking at the pictures.

The Reading Game consists of six beautifully illustrated story books, six decks of matching playing cards, and a Teacher and Parent's Guide, and can be purchased for $24.95.

Contact Information:

Allsaid & Dunn
 2727 De Anza RD, Suite SD21
 San Diego, CA 92109




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