Sunday, November 20, 2011

TOS Review: Read Naturally~One Minute Reader

Fluency in reading is vital, as we all know.

I once knew someone who, even in his 30s and 40s, would skip words he didn’t know while reading aloud to his children. It wasn’t many years before the children were reading better than he. There are many adults in this country who struggle with reading, which shows how important it is for children to have a good foundation in reading, fluency, and comprehension.

One thing I don’t want happening to my children is for them to struggle with reading. I want them to be able to read fluently, with expression and comprehension.

One Minute Reader will help them accomplish this! Students develop fluency through modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. It is recommended that students work in One Minute Reader for 15 to 30 minutes a day, three to five times a week.

One Minute Reader Steps:
Get Ready to Read
Time Yourself Reading
Mark Your Cold Score in Blue
Read Along With the CD
Read Alone, and Raise Your Score
Take the Quick Quiz
Read for an Adult
Mark Your Hot Score in Red

Included in the starter kit, you'll find a book with audio CD, timer, red/blue graphing pencil, and instructional DVD, all contained in a sturdy album.

There are level bundles, which consist of the starter kit, plus seven different reader/audio CD sets.

Each reader is comprised of five high-interest nonfiction stories that are the right length for readers to practice without being overwhelming. There's also an audio CD which contains  recordings of the stories, instructions, vocabulary words, and fun facts. You'll  find in each reader Quick Quiz, Graph, Joke Jumble, Crossword & Glossary, and Did You Know?

I already know my children don't read as fluently as I'd like to seem them reading. I know they each need more practice. For this reason, I was anticipating trying these One Minute Readers. We received the Level 1 starter kit, and a level 3 reader/CD set.

I found that the level 1 was too difficult for Little Bit, and level 3 too easy for Botanist Boy. With the One Minute Placement Guide, though, I was able to find which levels would best suit each boy. I am seriously considering purchasing one or two of the readers at the proper level for Botanist Boy, just to help him improve his fluency and comprehension....even if he isn't too crazy about the idea! ;)

You can see a sample book, as well as see sample stories from each level.

Each starter kit costs $24.95. Each level bundle is $99.95. And each individual reader/CD costs $12.95. Be sure to also check out Read Live, and their other products.

Contact Information:

2945 Lone Oak Drive, Suite 190
Saint Paul, MN 55121

Telephone: 800-788-4085
Fax: 651-452-9204



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