Sunday, September 18, 2011

TOS Review: AIMS Education Foundation~Area Formulas Parallelograms

AIMS Education Foundation is a non-profit foundation, "committed to doing what's best for students." They "believe that hands-on math and science is the most effective way to develop conceptual understanding."

I love being a part of the Crew, because we are often introduced to products, companies, etc., of which I've never heard. AIMS Education Foundation is one such source!

We recently received Area Formulas for Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids, an activity book and CD set, for grades 6-8.

From the website: Students develop the formulas for the areas of parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids. By cutting paper and working with geoboards, they understand the meaning of the formulas and apply them in a variety of problem-solving settings. Includes a CD with video help for each activity, as well as PDFs to facilitate printing and use on interactive boards.

As I have boldly, shamefully, sadly admitted before on my blog, math is my weakest subject, which means it is also my weakest subject to teach! Sadly that means it tends to be my children's weakest subject, as well. I think of all the math, geometry was/is my absolute weakest.

So I was excited at the prospect of using this with my Botanist Boy! I am thankful for the video explanations of each lesson. I am thankful for the hands-on approach. And I am thankful that the CD contains PDFs of the work sheets, so we can print them off, both for Botanist Boy now, and in a few years when Little Bit is ready for them (who, by the way, is my only child who loves math, which makes retired-math-teacher Grandpa very proud! ;) ). In fact, I could even print them off for Teen Girl, sort of as "remedial work" for her high school geometry.

A typical Essential Math unit contains five components:

  1. Investigations-guided hands-on exploration
  2. Comics-effective instruction, explicit knowledge
  3. Animation and video-summarize the essential concepts
  4. Problem solving-activities which help apply and reinforce the concepts
  5. Assessments-opportunity for students to apply learning and for teachers to determine depth of understanding

The way the table of contents is laid out in such a way that it offers "lesson plans," suggested material to cover each day, for a period of 15 days, is another thing I like.

As much I liked various aspects of this resource, I am sad to say, it was just something that did not "click" for Botanist Boy. I'm not sure what he really didn't care about...maybe just the fact it deals with math! (rolling my eyes) But I have hopes that Little Bit will find it fun and useful, when his turn comes!

AIMS Education Foundation offers other Essential Math units (grades 4-9), as well as State Specific Science (grades K-5), and Activity Books (grades K-9) for both science and math. Each Essential Math book and CD sells for $9.95.


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