Friday, July 1, 2011

June, 2011, Review in Photos

our barnyard

digging a ditch to lay cable and pipe

watching the corn grow

 Botanist Boy and I went to Florida for a few days, to be with my mom while my dad was in Wisconsin. Botanist Boy watered the little fruit trees, so Grandma wouldn't have to carry buckets of water to do so herself.

swimming with the Best Bud

some of Grandma's plants

lighthouse we saw on the way home

the corn, and everything else, GREW while we were gone!

Little Bit's 9th birthday!

gifts from the best buds!
the birthday cake
Sally's babies

This was our favorite baby bunny. Sadly, it died from a heat stroke not long after this photo was taken.

Little Bit's job: straining the milk, and labeling it with the date
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