Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday!!

Eighteen years ago, at this moment, my precious girl arrived in this world. 

I was awed by how beautiful you were, my darling girl. Perfect fingers and toes. Kissable cheeks. Bright, sparkling eyes, and winsome smile. You've grown into a beautiful young lady, and I am very proud to be your mother!

Now that you're 18, and considered an adult, I imagine our relationship will shift even more than it already has. Your preparations for eventually being "on your own" will most likely begin to accelerate...College is looming! ;-) You will be making more and more of your own decisions. I will do my best not to push you (too much)....but always remember, I am here if you need me! I'll always listen if you need to talk.

Most of all, I will always and forever be praying for you! And I'll love you forever!!

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