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Review: A Kid's Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the USA

Do you have a child who is fascinated with history? Most especially the Presidents of the United States? Do you have a hands-on learner? Or one who is artistically inclined?

If so, this set of books will enthrall him or her. A Kid's Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the United States of America is a set of 42 books, one for each president, from George Washington, to George W. Bush.

Each fact-filled volume details a biographical synopsis, as well as step-by-step instructional drawings that illustrate key events, people, and places in each president's life.

From the website: While every Kid's Guide to Drawing volume includes easy, step-by-step instructions, it would be a pity to think of this series as merely a one-of-a-kind drawing program. Packed with dynamic photos and drawings, all volumes feature an informative timeline of the key achievements of each president, details about his birthplace and/or the state in which he had the greatest impact, a famous portrait of that president, and a list of websites for further information. Not only is this collection of pertinent facts useful for student research or reports, but it is so nicely pulled together, with lots of child-friendly details, that your children will actually enjoy reading through every volume.

For the purpose of our review, we were provided with the volume about George W. Bush.

A few of the details included in this volume are: his path to the White House; his childhood; his home in Texas; his education; the fact that his father was President; his own presidency, particularly regarding September 11, 2001 and the events which occurred afterward.

Some of the suggestions and instructions to draw include: his boyhood home; the Ballpark in Arlington; the Texas Governor's Mansion; Laura Bush; President Bush; a symbol representing 9-11.

At the back of the book is a timeline, as well as a glossary.

Currently, you can purchase the whole 42-volume set for $195.00 (usual retail: $1,060.50!). Supplies are very limited, so hurry if you want this set! There are a very few volumes available individually, for $9.95 each.

I know I'd like a set, since we plan to learn about the Presidents next year. And Botanist Boy is very eager to have the ones for Washington and Lincoln and..... ;)

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