Friday, February 4, 2011

TOS Review: Roman Town, by Dig-It Games

We enjoy history around here, well, at least some of us do! I have one child who admits to not being much interested in history. So we were pretty excited to receive Roman Town from Dig-It! Games to use and review as part of the TOS Crew.

Roman Town is an interactive, educational computer game, designed with your 5th through 8th grader in mind. All ages can enjoy it, though (even I enjoy it! ;-) ).

Roman Town takes you on a virtual, interactive archeological  dig, where you will use pics, hoes, and trowels to uncover various artifacts. You will oversee your own team of workers. As each piece is uncovered, you will learn about the history and culture of the Roman civilization.

After you have uncovered and learned about all of the items in your dig site, you are taken to the lab. Here you will find some games, such as: 2D and 3D reconstructions of pottery, word searches, and figuring out which items don’t belong in a room.

Before moving on to the next level, there is a report to be completed. This will verify what you have learned through the various activities. There are six levels to complete.

There is a lot of reading involved with this program, which is obviously why it is targeted for grades 5-8. This made it less enjoyable for Botany Boy, since he is only now learning to enjoy reading. Little Bit had to have either Teen Girl or me read to him, and he tired of that quickly. Both enjoyed the games, though, especially reconstructing the artifacts.

I think it would be a wonderful addition to include a voice module, to read the information to non-readers or struggling readers. It would make for a much richer experience for these children.

Roman Town is available for PC as a CD-ROM, and can be set up for up to five players. Currently there is not a version available for Mac, but they hope to have one available soon.

System Requirements:
• Windows Vista/XP/2000
• CPU 800 Mhz; RAM 412MB; Hard Drive 350MB
Roman Town can be purchased for $39.95. But for our TOS Crew readers, Dig-It! Games has generously offered you a discount, by using the coupon code: TOS2011, for the price of $19.96. But hurry! This discount is valid only until February 21, 2011!

Contact information:

Dig-It! Games
Phone: 1-877-21DIGIT  (1-877-213-4448)
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  1. Just stopped by to say Hi! from the Crew. We too love history at our house and Roman Town was a big hit!


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