Tuesday, January 25, 2011

365 Days of Photos--Day Twenty-four

Today I have a series of photos for my "photo of the day"..... I looked out my window at the bird feeder, and thought I was seeing things!! I called my Teen Girl and asked her if I really saw a bird inside the bird feeder! She confirmed that I did!....

Apparently when Teenager (my oldest boy) filled it with sunflower seed before he went to work, he didn't close the opening. This little bird (maybe out of greed.... ;-) ) crawled in there, to get some seed, then couldn't figure out how to get back out!

When I discovered it, the kids and I ran out for a photo op, and attempted to free it. Poor little thing was so frightened!! But we did manage to finally help it out of there. Hopefully, next time Teenager will remember to close the feeder! Hopefully next time, that little bird won't be so "greedy"!! ;-)

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