Monday, January 10, 2011

Memoir Mondays--Week 15

I'm running pretty late in the day for this post, this week!! Been one of those days! And I can't even use the excuse of snow, or even ice, because we don't have any!! :p ;-)

This week's questions deal with education, particularly college education:

Did you go to college? If so, how did you decide where to go? If not, why did you decide to go a different route?

Well, if we are talking going to college right out of high school, no, I didn't.

During the first year after high school graduation, I spent several months working at a health reconditioning center near New York City. Then I went home to be with my mom, and then helped her pack up to move to Topeka, where my dad's job had taken him. I spent a few months in Topeka with my folks, then went to a primitive, wilderness school in northern British Columbia to work as a junior worker trainee, which is where my high school sweetheart was also working as a junior worker trainee.

After we became engaged, we came back to the States, to work and save up some money to start our own home. His folks were in Montana; mine had moved to Shawnee Mission, Kansas, by then. I spent the next year living with them, working in a vegetarian restaurant, and attending business college, where I earned basically the equivalent to an Associate's in Accounting.

Then a few years ago, I decided to earn a Bachelor's. So I attended AIUOnline, at a time when we were living in a tiny RV behind my parent's home (and my mother was seriously ill, with C-Diph), homeschooling my children, taking my youngest to therapy twice a week, etc.

Officially, I first earned an Associate's in Business Administration (with honors), then a Bachelor's in Visual Communications: Graphic Design (cum laude). I earned my Bachelor's in 2006. I would like to some day earn a Master's, or at least get teacher certification.

How important was education in your home growing up?

Well, my parents are retired church school you know education was important in our home! ;-) It was pretty much just understood that my brothers and I would get a college education. And we all did, even if it did take me a little longer than my brothers. ;-)

I love to learn. I am trying so hard to pass that love of learning on to my kids. Sometimes I wonder if I am being successful, or not!

Please stay tuned for more episodes of Memoir Mondays!

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  1. I think it means more when we go back and do it at an older age. I know I value my MA more because I knew what I wanted it for and why. I don't think I had a clue earning my BA. Sounds like you had a lot on your plate - what a success! I did mine online as well - I love technology for that reason. Education is accessible to all. Now I teach online - another reason I love it! :-)



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