Thursday, January 27, 2011

Twenty years ago....

I think I have mentioned before that, in high school, I attended a small boarding school in the mountains of Tennessee. In fact, my 30th class reunion is coming up in a couple months. Yikes! Unbelievable!

There were 19 others who graduated with me. Because our class was so small, for the most part we have remained a fairly close-knit class.

Nearly half of our class became first time parents in 1991. The first of those babies was born on this date that year. It is hard to comprehend she is 20!! Six months from that day the last of those babies born that year arrived: my oldest son. It's even harder to believe he will be 20 in just six short months!

So, to my fellow classmates: Happy big 2-0 to our wonderful young people this year! And you know, we are all staring the half-century mark in the face; doesn't that sound fun!! NOT! ;-) Pin It Now!

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  1. Enjoy your class reunion. My 30th was held this past fall, and unlike your class, mine was very large - more than 600! Yet about 150 of us have stayed very close, and we had a great time. Old (or should I say long-term) friends, new friends via new technologies - it's a great time to be alive!



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