Thursday, January 20, 2011

TOS Review: Speekee

¿Hablo Español? Do you have young children who would like to learn Spanish? Then this program is for them! It is a fun way to learn some basic Spanish phrases.

Speekee is an immersion approach to learning simple Spanish, designed especially for children ages 2-10. The program consists of video lessons, filmed in Spain, using puppets, and real Spanish children with various settings, such as the park, the zoo, the market, and classrooms. Only Spanish is spoken, but there are Spanish and English subtitles available.

There are 10 video episodes to watch, along with worksheets and other suggested activities to enhance the learning experience. The songs are catchy, and effective. Soon you will find yourself singing them throughout the day. There is a lot of repetition of key phrases and words, which makes it simple for your child to learn these without their even realizing how much they are actually learning!

My eight-year-old looks forward to his Speekee time each day. I haven't heard him yet repeating after Speekee, but he has some language processing disorders anyway. But I know he is picking it up, because when I say something simple, like Adios, he responds with Adios amigos.
A brief sample of one of the videos:

Be sure to check out the website. I am sure your young ones will enjoy it, too.

A subscription to the online version of Speekee can be purchased for $7.50 per month, and the first two weeks are free. Also available is a boxed DVD set, which use the PAL format for color encoding. Many North American DVD players are capable of playing the PAL format, but some are not, so you will want to be sure to check your own system before ordering the videos.

To read more of what my TOS Crewmates have to say about Speekee, be sure to click the banner below.


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