Sunday, January 30, 2011

TOS Review: Times Alive Software, City Creek Press

Do you need an easy, enjoyable method for drilling multiplication facts? Times Alive! seems to make learning multiplication entertaining, even!

I will shamelessly admit that I never memorized the multiplication tables. How many of us actually did? So perhaps I am failing my children by not requiring them to memorize the tables....

I was pleased to learn that I was one of the members of the TOS Crew to receive Times Alive! for my children to use, and review. I thought, maybe this would help them learn their multiplication facts easily and painlessly! My assumption appears to be correct!

I received the PC Windows Download version. There is also an Apple MacIntosh download version, and a CD-ROM version. The software versions are based on the Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids and teach the zero through the nine times tables. City Creek Press offers other products, as well.

Here's how it works:

  • Students read along while they hear the storyteller.
  • Lively animation makes the number characters come alive.
  • Each story is followed by a music video with a catchy song.
  • Interactive games and fun quizzes engage the student while testing recall.
  • Progress reports summarize date lesson completed, quiz scores, and time elapsed.

  • Students may stop anywhere and resume where they left off. The program remembers.

Botany Boy has been using it for the past several weeks. At first he seemed rather reluctant to use it, but seems to be enjoying it now. Little Bit hasn't started using it much yet, because I think he should know his addition and subtraction facts better, first. ;-) But I noticed he seems to be attracted to the catchy songs along the way!

Instead of using rote memorization, Times Alive presents each math equation as a story to be told, which allows the student to attach meaning to the numbers. A variety of clues and information is attached to the number facts, making retention and retrieval of that information easier for your student. Math is presented in a fun, interactive storytelling medium, using lively imagery and narrative to entertain while informing your student.

Each version of the Times Alive! downloadable software costs the same amount: $44.95. The Times Alive! CD-ROM costs: $48.95. Give it a try with this Times Alive! demonstration. (Also available is Addition the Fun Way.)

Contact information:

City Creek Press, Inc.
PO Box 8415
Minneapolis, MN 55408
P- 800-585-6059
Fax- 877-286-1163

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