Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17....

Today was December 17. Yes, I am sure you were already aware of that fact! But December 17 has always been a very significant day in my life.

On December 17, 1900, one of my most favorite people in my entire life was born: my beloved grandfather, my mom's father. He was one of the most intelligent men I have ever known, or could ever hope to know.

My grandfather was a very dignified gentleman, very proper in his grammar, very articulate and detail oriented. He was scheduled and disciplined, and I think he rather expected those around him to be so, as well.

Twelve years ago, just a few days before Thanksgiving, he passed away unexpectedly. It came as a shock to us all, and, frankly should not have happened when and how it did.....He fell while getting into the shower Friday, before sundown.

Even though he always attended church on Sabbath (Saturday); always ate his noon meal at the cafeteria at the retirement center where he lived; worked out (YES! at almost 98, he worked out daily, lifting weights at the laundry facility) one seemed to miss him. No one checked up on him until sometime Monday. By then he was very weak, and was not able to survive.

The memorial service was held the day after Christmas, 12 years ago. My parents, my brothers and their families, and I were all in attendance.

Sometimes we miss him so badly; the pain is still so fresh at times. But it certainly makes us long for our Savior's soon return. We look forward to seeing Grandpa again! His goal was to live to 100! I know that, had the circumstances been different, had someone checked on him much, much sooner, he most likely would have lived to 100!

So, today, I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I loved my grandfather, and that I am remembering him today.....Come soon, Lord Jesus!! Pin It Now!

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