Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010--December 12

I don't know if it is an every-other-year thing here in our little town; all I know is: two years ago they had it; last year they didn't; this year they did.....

This weekend is the Live Nativity in our tiny burg. One or two of the churches here in town put it on. It is a lovely program: songs and narration, people portraying the various parts of the story, and a few live animals, as well. A couple of the songs they sing are favorites of mine: Mary, Did You Know? and Joseph's Song.

When I saw the signs up around town, I got excited, and made plans to attend. It was challenging, trying to decide which night we'd be able to go. Last night was the night.....Then we saw that we were in a tornado watch box, but hoped and prayed the weather would hold off till afterward.

After a few songs, and some narration segments, etc., the wind picked up; it began to drizzle. My daughter didn't have a jacket, so I got my husband's key, to go back to the van to get mine.

About the time I arrived at the van, the wind really began blowing....Then the rain started! So I grabbed the umbrella, too. When I got back to where the program was, all the seats were empty; people were dashing to their vehicles. But I hadn't met my family! And I couldn't see them anywhere!

Then I saw a group huddled under the awning at the library, and figured my family must be there with them. By now, I was pretty drenched, in spite of the umbrella! Hubby decided he'd go get the van, and drive it closer. He came up behind the library. What he couldn't see was that we then had a "river" to walk through, just to get to the van!

Home, and dry clothes, looked pretty good when we got here! And the storm soon ended.

Fortunately no one was zapped at the microphones or other sound equipment. The poor angels were seen running toward shelter, their wings beginning to droop. And I am sure the livestock had to be put away (those sheep looked rather frightened by all those people, to begin with!).

In spite of the weather, it was a lovely program, anyway.....and the weather was warmer than it was two years ago!! Just not as dry!! ;)

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  1. I'm sorry the rain ruined the end of the evening, but it does look like it was lovely. I enjoy the live nativities.


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