Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog 30 Days of Diabetes--Day 30

Wrap Up – It’s the last day of American Diabetes Month 2010!  If you had to leave one lasting impression on people about diabetes, what would you say? 

It is hard to believe that this month is over. It is also hard to believe I actually posted something each day, or nearly every day! It'll feel strange not to be posting here every day; but maybe this gave me enough of a jump start to try posting more regularly than I have in the past.

I'm not sure if anything I say or do leaves a lasting impression on anyone! Not even really sure if very many people read this blog throughout the month. I know that, because of my posting daily, I had a couple people (extended family members) request to be removed from the email list. I guess they thought I was posting too often about my daughter. ;)

So for the three or four who may be reading my blog, I'd like to say: Learn all you can about diabetes. Offer all the support you are able to your friend or loved one who has diabetes. If you are a close family member of someone with Type 1 Diabetes, see about having the rest of the family tested to see if you have any of the antibodies that they test for. Support research in any way you can.

You can find more information at: The American Diabetes Association; Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International; Children with Diabetes.

And please join us in praying for a cure!! On behalf of my daughter, I want to say, thank you. Pin It Now!

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