Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge--Day 14

Today is World Diabetes Day. Today marks the birth of Dr. Frederick Banting, who was one of the team who researched insulin, and found it could be used to control diabetes.

My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. It will be 7 years in January since her diagnosis. I know for a fact, if it weren't for insulin, she wouldn't be alive. I also know that, no matter how thankful I am for that insulin, I am still praying for a cure!

I have a blog in which I focus on our diabetes journey. I say "our" because I travel this road with Jen pretty nearly every step of the way. The day is coming, I know, when she has to step out on her own, and will need to take total charge of her care....but even then, I will always be there for her!--Since it is Diabetes Awareness Month, I have been blogging about diabetes every day. You can find my blog here. And Jen has actually started her own blog, too!!

So, today I am full of gratitude for the discovery of insulin. I am grateful for the continuing research being done about diabetes. And I am thankful my daughter is alive!!

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  1. It looks like we were having similar thoughts today. While I hope for a cure, I'm so glad your daughter can lead an active, healthy life.


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