Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TOS Review: PG Key

We were recently afforded the opportunity to use and review the PG Key. This is a handy little item you can just plug into any USB port on your or your child's computer. Upon installation, you enter a password of your own choosing on your child/children's account/s.

With this device you will be able to monitor how long your child is on the computer, and receive a report of all activities they performed while on the computer, including web browsing, chat sessions, social networking sites visited, emails, online and offline games, etc.

You can choose to allow only certain websites, or disallow websites, or block certain words...You can set up whatever parameters you wish.

If your child tries to unplug the PG Key, your computer just won't work...until it's plugged back in and the password is re-entered. Now you can have peace of mind while your child is online.

You can purchase the PG Key Safe Key on their website for $49.99. They also offer a free trial. PG Key is also available on Amazon.

To read more reviews by my fellow Crew Mates, click the banner below.

There could be another use for the PG Key. If a spouse needed to be held accountable, because of an addiction to porn, this would be a useful tool for monitoring this activity online. A report can be sent, via email, or text message to one's phone. Actual screen shots can be sent, too, of what is viewed.


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