Monday, September 20, 2010

Resources, resources, resources......

This week’s TOS Blog Cruise question is: What are your favorite resources for the ages and grades that you are teaching?

I don't know any homeschooling parent that doesn't like to share what resources they are using for teaching their children. It seems to be our favorite topic!! ;)

This year I am teaching a First grader, a Fifth grader, and an Eleventh grader. It seems I am always on the look out for items I can use to incorporate all grades together. One of the best ways to do that is to use unit/theme/topic studies. We have tried Christian Cottage Units, and Beautiful Feet.

This year, we are trying Around the World in 180 Days as the basis of our geography, history and cultural studies. I plan to enhance it, using some lapbooks from In the Hands of a Child, and other resources.

I also plan to have our core science together, as well, using Apologia sciences: Swimming Creatures for the boys, and Marine Biology for my daughter. I plan to get the dissection kit for the marine biology, and lapbook/notebook items for all three.

Since my youngest is developmentally delayed, and since I believe in the "delayed formal education" philosophy, we are just now beginning to use phonics and beginning to learn to read. My favorite resource for that is Reading Made Easy. Let me tell you, since I have used it for all of my other kids, this poor big is beginning to fall apart!! I guess it is a good thing there isn't another one coming up to teach to read! ;)

Math has always been the one subject that has really challenged us, as far as trying to find one that "works" or is compatible for us. I finally found Life of Fred for my daughter. She seems to be liking it fairly well. For my 10 year old I finally gave in, and tried Math U See, which I believe he will use for another couple years...then I will switch him to Life of Fred, I think. My youngest loves frogs! So the best Math for him is Funtastic Frogs! One time I mentioned it was time to do math, and because my 10 year old always moans and complains about having to do math, the youngest decided he was going to say he didn't like math, either! I pointed out to him that the activities he did with his frogs was his math...His whole attitude changed then!! LOL

I will admit that the resource I absolutely love is Five in a Row! I think I am as passionate about Five in a Row as I am about homeschooling, and nursing babies, and several other things!! ;) I highly recommend Before Five in a Row, for ages 2-4; Five in a Row, recommended for ages 4-8; and Beyond Five in a Row, ages 8-12, and even Above and Beyond Five in a Row. I love the books used; I love the learning activities Jane Lambert, and her daughter, Becky Jane, have come up with to enrich the lives of families all over the world. And I must admit, the message boards at Five in a Row tend to be somewhat addictive!! ;)

Last year while my second to the youngest was working on Beyond, my daughter (who was 10th grade then) did the lessons with him. I enhanced them some for her, made her do more indepth research and write longer reports.

It seems that no matter where we might "stray" we always come back to Five in a Row.

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