Monday, September 13, 2010

Taking Time Out...

This week's Blog Cruise question is: How do you find free time? Is it okay to take time for yourself? If so, how?

Homeschool moms often have a hard time finding time for themselves...and usually feel guilty even if they desire to take time out for themselves. At least, I know I do...and have felt that way especially in the past. But I believe it is important for us to do so!!

As Christians, we have Jesus as our example. During His time of ministry on Earth, nearly every day He was pressed on all sides by crowds of people, clamoring for His attention, in need of healing, etc. Matthew 14:23 says: And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone. Jesus knew it was important to have some time alone, and even more important to have time alone for prayer.

I usually don't get much time alone....unless it is at 3:00 am, thanks to insomnia!! ;) But sometimes hubby suggests I go do the shopping, without kids! Sometimes I have some time on Sundays to myself, when he takes his daughter back to her mom and the other kids go with him (although, usually my youngest stays home with me on those days). Sometimes I long for some alone time, to work on my scrapbooking, stamping, or sewing....but those times are even rarer, mainly because there is no place for me to set up my supplies. In the past, when we lived with my folks, I would take a walk every morning, alone; here, I don't have a nice quiet place to walk, nor do I feel safe doing so alone.

I think it is important to take time for yourself, to pursue a hobby, read a book, or take a nature walk at the start of the day. Only when we are "full" will we have something to offer our spouses and children. Periods of solitude, communion with God and observations of nature are the best ways I find to be "filled." So, be sure to take some time out for yourself periodically.

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