Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review Teams

This year I am participating in a couple product review teams. I will be provided with homeschooling products to use, then will write reviews to post on my homeschooling blog.
One of these review teams is The Old Schoolhouse Crew (aka TOS Crew). I will be posting some reviews in September. It looks like I will be posting at least one a month, I think, over the next several months, so you will want to check often. I will probably post at least the link to each review on this blog....or, at least I will try! 
The other team I am participating in is for Download N Go unit studies. It looks like I will be doing one or two reviews a month for this team, the first one being due this weekend....about roller coasters! So, be sure to check back next week!!
It looks like we are in for an adventurous year this year!!
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