Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you when the world stopped turning?.....

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  1. Let's see 8 yrs ago my children were 13yrs, 11 yrs, 6yrs old. We were in the livingroom reading a book for our daily reading and my parents were heading home from visitingus in their RV. My sister had called them yelling and screaming about us at war and dad asked me to call her and find out what she meant cuz he was on the road and had a bad signal. We found out that the Wrold trade center had been hit but only by one plane at that time.... we turned the TV on and we got to see the 2nd plane hit live. the children and I gotten the map out and then we gotten together and started to pray for the people int he planes and then also for the people in the building. Was a sad day for our country. but a day that gottne some to wake up and seek Yahweh

    This day is still remembered in our house and we even say thank you to the police men and women and the firemen and women every time we see them and even to the soilders ......Jo Ann C


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