Monday, October 1, 2007

One of those days!

Last night, after a meeting at church, I took the kids to Taco Bell, since we hadn't had time for supper before the meeting. The kids and I were all inside, eating our tacos.

Suddenly, I heard someone asking, "Who is driving that maroon station wagon?"--Well, I was driving my mom's red Escort, so I kinda raised my hand. Several people then said that this guy just backed into my car!

I told the kids to stay put (because they all wanted to dash out there with me, to see it!), and I went out to look at the car. I just stood there in shock and disbelieve!--And burst into tears!

This 23 year old kid (ha! ha! I can say that! I am old enough to be his mom!) had backed into my mom's car with a great big work truck--a pickup with a utility bed--with these big "things" sticking out the back!!

The rear window was shattered! There is some denting to the back, but at least we can still open the hatch door. The tail lights are all intact still.

Another customer called the police for me on his cell. I had this little cluster of people standing around with me. Two of them got the license plate number. The kid gave me his driver's license information--but then said he had to go home to get his insurance information.............we were all telling him to just stay, till the police got there. But he was like, he needed to go get the info so he wouldn't be in such big trouble for not having proof of insurance with him.....blah, blah, blah.

The police arrived just a couple minutes after this guy left. He asked for my license, registration, insurance on Mom’s car. The man who witnessed the whole thing gave a statement. The office took down the information on the young man who ran into Mom’s car, and took down the license number on the truck which the two people who had seen it gave him.

Then suddenly, the officer tells me he has to leave; he has some officers involved with a high speed chase! He needs to go assist them! I’m thinkin’, “What is up with this little hick town tonight??!!”

The other customers who were assisting me, had the same reaction. One of the men was from Hammond, Louisiana; he travels a lot for his work. The other people (two men and two women) were from a neighboring town to the one we were in last night. Earlier someone had knocked out a power pole near their house, so they were without power and had come to Taco Bell for supper. They were helping us get the glass cleaned up, and plastic taped over the window opening, etc. It was great to have their moral support!--Total strangers!

The kids were doing fairly well. They were all a bit shaken up, though. And starting to get pretty anxious to get home.
Soon another officer came, to finish up what the first officer had started. Come to find out, the license on the truck wasn’t matching up with the description on file in the police computer! And the kid never did come back. So, it looks like something a little fishy is going on there!

Finally, everything seemed to be all taken care of, to the best of our ability. The kids were happy to get loaded up, and head for home. I drove rather slowly, just because of the plastic on the back window. What a long, exhausting day! Pin It Now!

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